MyAdvisor®, powered by Three Wire Systems, LLC earns American Association of Suicidology accreditation as a crisis intervention center


The MyAdvisor Support program becomes a national program of excellence in crisis response, one of only three in Pennsylvania.

VetAdvisor, powered by Three Wire Systems, LLC (Three Wire), the leader in innovative and efficient technology solutions for government agencies and the military, has completed a three-year accreditation program to become an approved Crisis Intervention Center through the American Association of Suicidology (AAS).

AAS Crisis Center Accreditation recognizes Three Wire’s health and human solutions program, VetAdvisor, as a national service delivery program of excellence. VetAdvisor provides veteran-centric care to former and active military members including veterans, guards, reservists and their family members with access to reintegration services in all areas of wellness including behavioral health, financial coaching and career development. With over a decade of experience in implementing and directing programs that protect, support and advocate for the nation’s uniformed personnel community, VetAdvisor excels in staff training materials, best practice processes and proven outcomes success.

“We answer more than 10,000 calls on a monthly basis,” said Jennifer Christman, chief and executive vice president of Behavioral Programs at VetAdvisor/Three Wire Systems. “We are committed to serving all at-risk populations in life-threatening situations to the best of our ability including veterans, EMT, police, firefighters, crisis care workers, educators and more. Because AAS has such high standards, we can ensure that our training, resources and evaluation process are as current and effective as possible.”

As part of AAS criteria, VetAdvisor is required to implement systematic and ongoing self-evaluation. AAS accredited programs assure that veterans are receiving committed care recognized by national standards throughout the program’s lifetime.

VetAdvisor joins a short list of 113 AAS-accredited organizations, with only two others in the state of Pennsylvania including Service, Access and Management, Inc. in Reading and True North Wellness Services in Hanover.

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