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Transition Support Services

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides resources to support military personnel with their transition to civilian life, however accessing and maximizing these resources can be daunting. That’s where Three Wire comes in. We leverage our knowledge, experience, and understanding of the journey service members take—from entry into military service through honorable discharge and back to their civilian communities—to customize solutions that ensure reintegration in the most successful and career-ready manner. We act as advocates to service members to ensure they have the support they need.

Service members returning from deployment and separating or retiring from active duty face complex challenges as they reintegrate to civilian life, which can be complicated by injury or health issues, difficulty translating military experience into marketable job skills, financial challenges, or a lack of knowledge of, or access to, benefits and programs available to them.

The Department of Defense, Department of Labor, Small Business Administration, Department of Veterans Affairs and a multitude of public/private partnerships all provide resources and support to military personnel during and after their transition to civilian life. With so many outlets, accessing and maximizing these resources can be daunting. At Three Wire, we leverage our years of experience and knowledge of unique challenges faced by this population to customize solutions that ensure reintegration in the most successful and career-ready manner.

We provide customized, outcomes-based, and cost-focused approaches to serving customers and the military population. Our program incorporates human-centered design concepts, which ensure consistency in managing objectives, continual assessment of performance and results, and rapid and successful application of lessons learned.

Our proactive support for active duty and transitioning service members and their families, includes:

  • Assistance in navigating community or private resources and bureaucracy to obtain necessary information and services, as well as guidance on filing and tracking claims and applications.
  • Telehealth and virtual support for all transition services to ensure that any individual, no matter their physical abilities or geographical location experiences a successful, smooth transition process.
  • Access to the VetAdvisor Program and other Three Wire Advisory Services, providing individualized proactive coaching by credentialed staff across health and wellness, career planning, benefits advice, financial planning, and referrals for specialists where necessary.
  • A custom-built, veteran focused management dashboard that provides real-time visibility and performance tracking.

Three Wire provides:

  • A global footprint
  • Technology infrastructure to provide 24/7/365 support
  • Established employer and public sector network
  • Trusted program leadership with proven experience and innovative approaches
Transition Support

Areas of Expertise

  • Health and Wellness
  • Career Planning
  • Navigational Assistance
  • Commercial Coaching
  • Organizational Development
  • Training and Curriculum Development
  • Change Management
  • Strategic Communications and Outreach

Three Wire has:

  • Proven project management processes
  • Experienced and passionate personnel
  • Military cultural fluency
  • Innovative approaches resulting in cost efficiency

Contract Vehicles

GSA Schedule 70: GS–35F–0300T
GSA Schedule 738X: GS-02F-002GA
NITAAC CIO-CS: HHSN316201500037W
NITAAC CIO-SP3: HHSN316201200117W
GSA 18F BPA: GS–26F–CA015

As part of Three Wire’s Health and Human Solutions offerings, the VetAdvisor® program leverages Three Wire’s technological expertise and military cultural fluency to lead the market in expert, proactive coaching services across behavioral health, wellness, financial, and all other aspects of transition and career development for veterans and their loved ones. Our support extends to organizations looking to more effectively recruit, retain, and interface with veterans.


Case Study

VA Veterans Choice

VA Veteran’s Choice

In response to continued challenges faced by veterans accessing healthcare, the Veterans Choice Program was created in 2014 under the Veterans Access, Choice, Accountability Act (VACAA) to provide primary care, inpatient, outpatient specialty care, and mental health care to eligible veterans. The goal of the program is to ensure that there are no unreasonable delays to healthcare services or treatment for veterans in need due to Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) wait times, lack of an available specialist, or distance to a VA medical facility.