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Event Data Ocean

From ingestion-to-intelligence, EDO is an infinitely scalable, big data platform that will modernize situational awareness across the largest cyber enterprises. Designed for large-scale, cutting edge analytics, it harnesses the power of Rocana to collect, index, and analyze hundreds of terabytes of data in real-time.

Total operational visibility.
More informed outcomes.

Event Data Ocean (EDO) is an infinitely scalable, big data platform designed for large-scale, cutting edge analytics. It harnesses the power of Rocana to collect, index, and analyze data in real-time, across the enterprise. It’s powerful, comprehensive indexing system ingests and stores hundreds of terabytes of data per day in a single, central location.

With EDO, you get:

  • Curated streams of actionable intelligence with limitless search capabilities
  • A single storage location with data accessible in real-time
  • Instant anomaly detection, built-in
  • Operational visibility leading to more informed outcomes that are based on all of your data

Tangled enterprise with no visibility? Get an ocean of data, centralized.

Partner with Three Wire to design your custom implementation plan, tailored to your enterprise environment. With unsupervised machine learning algorithms, after seven days, the baseline is established. The open source format makes for easy integration of new algorithms and new oceans of data.

Total Operational Visibility Delivers Competitive Advantage

Contract Vehicles

GSA Schedule 70: GS–35F–0300T
GSA Schedule 738X: GS-02F-002GA
NITAAC CIO-CS: HHSN316201500037W
NITAAC CIO-SP3: HHSN316201200117W
GSA 18F BPA: GS–26F–CA015


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