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Application Development & Modernization

Agile, Cloud, DevOps, Mobile, Big Data, Social Networks, Open Source, ubiquitous internet connectivity, and many other terminologies and methodologies form the foundational culture of our team at Three Wire. We aid clients by providing critical information that fosters better decision making, faster development iterations, and mitigation of security and operational risk.

“Legacy systems impair the government’s ability to secure its information technology.”

— Tony Scott, former Federal Chief Information Officer

It is time to modernize.
We understand legacy platforms and evolving modern technologies and are able to identify the right use and implementation of them to modernize in a way that will provide maximum flexibility and low costs for future changes.

Simplify your decisions.
We use our breadth of OSS knowledge and depth of experience to guide and simplify technology selections to help any organization make the right choice when facing the buy vs. build question.

Embrace the cloud.
We use the right combination of technology, innovation, and partners with our deep understanding of legacy platforms and evolving cloud technologies to make cloud adoption possible for any organization.

Anyone can be agile.
We use an agile scrum approach for software development. With our help, organizations efficiently and effectively incorporate software development lifecycle (SDLC) requirements while using the best of what agile has to offer.

DevOps is here.
Our DevOps Maturity Model serves to guide a comprehensive and holistic assessment of an organization’s current state product delivery capability, allowing an organization to identify opportunities for improvement and develop a roadmap to achieve desired results.

Government organizations seek out Three Wire because we understand operational nuances to efficiently identify unique features of a business or mission from the customer environment. Our experience supporting the Federal Government and the military with both our academic and industry partners enables our team to speed up any application lifecycle. Three Wire’s proven and applied practices produce both strategic and tactical successes, as well as accelerated operational technology outcomes for our clients.

Application Development

Areas of Expertise

  • Application Modernization
  • Agile Development
  • Legacy Systems Migration
  • Open Source Solutions (OSS) and Development
  • Cloud and Cloud Native Applications
  • DevOps
  • System Integrations
  • SaaS Customization
  • PaaS Development

Contract Vehicles

GSA Schedule 70: GS–35F–0300T
GSA Schedule 738X: GS-02F-002GA
NITAAC CIO-CS: HHSN316201500037W
NITAAC CIO-SP3: HHSN316201200117W
GSA 18F BPA: GS–26F–CA015


Case Study


USAF Family Advocacy Program (FAP NET)

The Air Force FAP, under AFMOA, needed a unified set of tools with a global database to support staff members in field offices across the world. This system is needed to allow longitudinal client tracking and case management. This system integrates several facets of the FAP at a single point in a secure, certified environment.