SAN FRANCISCO, June 21, 2016 – Rocana, the digital transformation company, today announced the release of Rocana Ops 1.5 containing breakthrough capabilities for search, ingest, and analysis of operational data. Rocana Ops 1.5 forever changes the way technology leaders think about operational visibility, enabling them to connect all data and fearlessly lead digital transformation.

Total Operational Visibility Delivers Competitive Advantage

Digital leaders measure everything in their environment and use that vast knowledge to gain competitive advantage in the form of continuously improving efficiencies and customer experiences. To compete, companies must acquire the same deep operational visibility as digital leaders and turn that insight into business value. Rocana Ops 1.5 helps technologists collect and analyze data across all sources — machine, wire, application, and customer data — and become the primary catalyst for digital transformation.

See Forever: Using the Past to Improve the Present and the Future

In life, past experiences help us process new information and make better decisions now and in the future. Yet most legacy IT organizations often keep less than a few hours or days of operational data online and accessible. They struggle to answer basic yet critical business questions like “Are our systems ready for Black Friday based on last year’s experience?” or “When did that advanced persistent threat first penetrate our infrastructure?” With Rocana Ops 1.5’s limitless search technology, companies now have the ability to keep all data online and available for analysis, from the moment it’s captured until years later.  Technologists can use this vast digital information to better serve customer needs and create competitive differentiation.

Built for demanding enterprise customers, Rocana’s limitless search technology delivers up to ten times faster daily data collection than leading open source alternatives and retains arbitrarily large amounts of indexed data online so performance is never impacted by data size or age. As a result, technologists can now see and search all data in real time with performance that doesn’t degrade with growing data sets: millions of events per second, petabytes ingested per month, with breakthrough efficiency that leverages the fewest compute and storage resources possible. Enterprises can analyze what happened a year ago as effortlessly as one hour ago, and questions that used to be impossible to answer can now be addressed.

See the Unexpected: Detect Anomalies and Accelerate Resolution

Legacy monitoring approaches leave significant blind spots and actually inhibit a company’s ability to transform digitally. Point solutions will not detect issues on systems for which they were not designed, and brute force searches will not detect issues you don’t already know to look for. Rocana Ops eliminates blind spots and gives enterprises self-learning, anomaly-based monitoring out of the box. As operational data is captured, Rocana Ops automatically examines all new information to develop an understanding of what behaviors are normal across the entire environment. This is then used to identify abnormal behaviors and surface them to IT operators through an intuitive visual interface. The result is fewer unexpected problems and more consistent customer experiences, even in complex and ephemeral IT environments.

With Rocana Ops 1.5, the guided visual interface has been enhanced to simplify drill down to the root cause of any anomaly, so IT operators can quickly find and resolve problems instead of wasting cycles trying to identify them from multiple disparate tools. The accuracy of anomaly detection has been greatly increased resulting in fewer false positives, while new date management and type-ahead assistance further accelerate time-to-resolution.

See More: Leverage Wire and Network Data to Connect the Dots

Digital leaders recognize the power of consolidating and connecting all IT and business metrics to improve the end-to-end customer experience.Operational issues affecting customer experience can be impossible to detect or identify without rich wire data or network metrics and logs. Customer experience often deteriorates while IT teams scramble to understand what is happening, and potential breakthrough customer offerings are overlooked.

Adding to its integration of rich wire data, Rocana Ops 1.5 now contains native integration of Cisco NetFlow sources, enabling network metadata to be captured, analyzed, and correlated with operational data from all other sources, providing a complete end-to-end view of what happens behind the scenes whenever a customer interacts with the system.

“Total Operational visibility is the catalyst for digital transformation,” said Omer Trajman, CEO and Co-Founder, Rocana. “Today’s digital leaders have total visibility and measure everything from poor customer experiences to inefficient systems — and they leverage this information to drive innovation. With Rocana Ops 1.5, now all enterprise technologists can leverage total operational visibility to create competitive advantage and lead digital transformation.”

“Companies that adopt modern infrastructures are learning that their IT operations generate huge amounts of potentially valuable data,” said Nancy Gohring, senior analyst at 451 Research. “But many traditional IT tools aren’t able to effectively scale so that businesses can efficiently retain and analyze that information. The result is a missed opportunity for enterprises to glean important business and IT insight from their operational data.”

“With the latest anomaly detection enhancements and re-invention of Search, Rocana has raised the stakes for the enterprise value CIOs and IT departments can bring to the organization,” said Ryan Latreille, CTO at Three Wire Systems, an IT consultancy designing efficient, effective, sustainable IT solutions that modernize the infrastructure of federal organizations, “Rocana Ops 1.5 powerfully consolidates machine data, wire data, synthetic data, and agent data into one application and stands apart as a disruptive technology that provides total operational and security intelligence.”

About Rocana

Rocana gives technology leaders total operational visibility, eliminating the boundaries of legacy IT monitoring and empowering technologists to lead digital transformation. Rocana Ops captures and analyzes all data from all sources, keeping it online and available for instant and future access. By combining event data warehouse capabilities with advanced machine learning, Rocana Ops gives technologists the ability to see emerging issues anywhere in the environment, minimize security risks, and surface opportunities for innovation. Rocana was founded by big data veterans and is backed by proven digital leaders like Google Ventures (GV), Vinny Smith (Quest Software and Toba Capital), Paul Sagan (Akamai), Brian Smith (Google), and General Catalyst. Learn more at

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