One of our new partners, Cloudistics, has redefined the hyperconverged market place by introducing an Adaptive Overlay Network (AON) and we think it’s worth talking about.

The AON is a software-defined virtual network technology that virtualizes the network, storage, and compute layers while providing full-line network performance at 10gbps and 40gbps speeds. The Cloudistics platform wraps a unified Software as a Service (SaaS) management layer to manage, monitor, and sustain these resources from a single management interface.

Unique to the Cloudistics platform is its ability to provide true multi-tenancy and Role Based Access Control (RBAC), which enables hosting of multiple customers and their associated applications in a single rack, with true physical and logical separation of their workloads. This platform is built on top of the Dell FX2 chassis, allowing customers the flexibility to scale up or down by simply adding storage or compute sleds to their segment of the system. It also has a “pre-built” application data store or container that allows customers “click install” for dozens of applications like SPLUNK, Cloudera, Rocana, ACAS, Firemon and many others.

This “click install” process eliminates the need for both a separate suite of hardware to host these applications as well as the manual process to build, test, deploy, and support them. The Cloudistics platform is one of the only hyper or super converged platforms optimized to support flash drives, delivering the ability to “infinitely” scale-out as required.

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