Case Management that drives the right outcomes


Our case management development division is a highly skilled, cross-functional team with extensive experience in large scale (500,000+ user), enterprise-level applications. We develop “products with a purpose” and currently support case management applications custom-built for Department of Defense (DoD) Family Programs serving service members, veterans, and their families.

We employ an Agile software development lifecycle methodology with the iterative development of functioning software delivered or demoed to clients and users in as short as two-week intervals. These “sprints” ensure that development and functionality is constantly reviewed by stakeholders, allowing for changes and tweaks as users are shown the functioning software.

We base our case management platform on Open Source Software (OSS), which provides scalable, pre-vetted frameworks for little to no cost. Unlike commercial or custom-built proprietary software, open source applications are reviewed and updated by a community of developers. This allows for hundreds if not thousands of reviewers, instead of the one team or one company provided by commercial licensed solutions. We are dedicated to providing working, scalable, continuously functioning, up-to-date and secure software at reduced cost.

Cloud hosting provides improved performance, simpler troubleshooting and a lower cost than physical hosting. It also allows for applications to be portable and transferable, as needed. We are currently in the process of migrating applications from legacy technologies to OSS solutions and will be one of the first to take OSS enterprise software to DoD secure space, including cloud hosting, with DIACAP and Risk Management Framework (RMF) certification.