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At Three Wire, we strive to build value and passionately serve our community.

Team, Life, Community (TLC) is a Three Wire philosophy. In order to preserve the special culture that we have at Three Wire, we lift up our fellow team members, celebrate each others special life events, and encourage each other to always look for opportunities to get out and support our local communities, our military, and other good will organizations.

Our offices regularly organize and run fundraisers or service projects that benefit a variety of charities and local organizations. Through our efforts we’ve forged great relationships with inspiring groups such as the Wounded Warrior Foundation, the Cambria County Humane Society, and Heroes Helpers.

Working together in charitable activities brings us closer as a team, allowing us to share a common voice and work jointly to drive change.

Three Wire has raised and donated over $11,700 through food drives, fundraising events, and other activities. And we’re not done yet!

Our community teams organize and participate in a variety of activities around our offices that help to keep our family culture at Three Wire special and unique.

We use weekly newsletters to communicate upcoming events, local happenings, and other announcements.

Our teams all contribute to our office shared environments with participation in recycling campaigns and rotating kitchen clean-up calendars.

It’s not uncommon to see decorated cubicles for birthdays, team members giving cards and gifts to each other in celebration of special life events, or special moments of recognition on days like Veteran’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day.

Honor Bar:
Three Wire staff maintain and monitor a cash snack bar, from which proceeds are used to fund prizes and supplies for internal events.

The HOOPLAH committee team plans and organizes pot lucks, cake days, dress downs, tree decorating, Secret Santa, cubicle decorating, and any other fun, morale boosting activities to keep the spirit of community alive throughout our organization.

FisherHouse Foundation

Celebrating ten years by challenging ourselves to give big.

The toilet paper, detergent, cleaning products, and disposable razors have been counted and delivered to Fisher Houses located in Pittsburg, Washington, DC, and San Diego and the Three Wire 10-year anniversary community service project came to an end. As a way to celebrate ten years in business, CEO Dan Frank wanted to give back to a community close to his heart. The goal of the effort was to provide as many household supplies as possible for local Fisher Houses. Fisher House is a foundation providing a network of comfort homes where military and veteran families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment at a VA or DoD facility.

Each Three Wire office in San Diego, Falls Church, Ebensburg/Richland, and remote teammates supported the mission. All offices contributed hundreds of items, cash, and gift card donations in a fun-spirited, internal office vs. office competition.

CEO Dan Frank said of the effort, “We will never know who uses the soap or toothpaste we provided, and that’s OK. However, we will know that we contributed in some small way back to the military and veteran community that we know and love.

To learn more about this great cause, visit the Fisher House Foundation website at

Organizations that Three Wire supports

Wounded Warrior