Rocana (short for Root Cause Analysis”) provides organizations with the ability to quickly (in near real time) filter through petabytes of information to allow IT operations or cyber defenders to determine the root cause of an operational issue, whether that be an application executing slower than normal or increased workloads across a specific network segment. Three of the core reasons Gartner rated them a one of the 2016 “cool,” or as I would like to say “hottest,” vendors of 2016 are:

  • Rocana Ops has been able to harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) with machine learning to automate traditionally manual tasks and processes in IT operations, or what Gartner is now calling AIOps. Rocana has developed and embedded various cutting edge algorithms (e.g. anomaly detection to automated remediation) into their solutions that allow organizations to streamline operations by essentially eliminating the need for operators (cyber or IT) from executing time consuming and error prone processes. Significantly reducing the life-cycle of time to detection to remediation.
  • Combination of extreme scale to be able to allow customers the ability to capture and retain “ALL” their information at an extremely cost effective price point. Remember if you only have 20% of the data, you only have a 20% probability of addressing any issue that comes up across your enterprise. They do this through the utilization of commodity hardware products, extreme compression algorithms, and “user based” (not capacity based) pricing. Their motto is ‘it’s your data” so you should have unlimited access to it.
  • Initially Rocana will allow organizations to re-use their investment in personnel (e.g. training on specific tools, pre-built procedures, processes, and job guides) as well as the various tools they use today. Over time Rocana’s algorithms will profile the behavior patterns from systems, sensors to applications, sending what we call “curated stream” of actionable intelligence” (or defined changes in the behavior pattern of monitored assets) to operators or NetOps defenders allowing them to focus on the real issues, eliminating the need for duplicate or redundant tools. Essentially changing the role of Tier One (1) personnel from “trouble ticket” processors to data scientist.

In Short, Rocana will provide IT Managers as well as cyber teams with the ability to quickly (in near real time) with the enterprise visibility they need across their IT Enterprise (or as we like to call it, the central nervous system of a company or agency) to ensure operations execute on time and under budget.

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