Cyber Security


Cyber security is a never-ending battle where a complex array of tools, techniques and practices dictate your organization’s risk profile. From cloud-based security to the personal devices entering your network and everything in between, defense in depth has never been more important. As vendor solutions continue to overlap it has become almost impossible to know if you’re getting the value and level of protection you need. All vendors claim that they’ve solved the puzzle, and sometimes they’re right.

You Need More Than Just A Technology Vendor
But sometimes you need more than just a technology vendor. Sometimes you need a partner who has taken the time to sort out the details of a complex federal cyber security ecosystem. Three Wire Systems cuts through the hype to provide a cleanly architected solution designed to meet federal requirements. Our engineers are certified in the products we sell. And beyond our deep knowledge of our partners’ cutting edge solutions, we know federal IT. In fact, our engineers really know your environment because they’ve helped build it, so when you need a little help we’re there.

Our specialty is delivering disruptive technologies that reduce wasteful spend. In the cyber security space that means selecting those partners that deliver solutions that help you meet your mandate with a smaller power or cost footprint that can save you money. To better deliver on our promise, we have developed a reference architecture we call CISL (Cyber Integrated Security Lab – say it “sizzle”) that organizes the cyber security ecosystem into four major areas.

A Cyber Security Solution That CISLs
Layer 1 lives outside your agency’s perimeter where traditional security technologies don’t reach. Our partner solutions harness reputation indexes and global threat feeds and enables you to prepare for threats as they appear on the global network, before they get to you.

Layer 2 is your perimeter defense where next generation firewall solutions are fast becoming the gold standard. Layer 3 is home to situational awareness solutions that correlate events across your enterprise and provide you the actionable intelligence you need for robust DLP and botnet mitigation. Layer 4 is our Dynamic Adaptive Defense layer. It’s where the best defense is truly a good offense. Three Wire’s Layer 4 technology partners enable our customers to address advanced persistent threats as they emerge and to address specific actors who have or are actively attempting to harm our national interests.

Altogether, our solution takes “reputation feeds” and allows organizations to develop application profiles (or portfolios) of what’s installed inside an agency’s organization. Once in place, automated near real-time updates can be applied to an organization’s cyber defense that are specific to an agency’s IT asset profile, delivering the security, visibility, control and protection required to prevent the injection of advanced persistent threats (APT) or MALWARE that could compromise an organization’s mission-critical information systems.

Cyber Security Partners:


Blue Coat


CA Technologies

CA/Layer 7


Dell SecureWorks